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Is your soul asking you to be a bigger badass?

4 August 2017 • Purpose, Spirituality

Girl, you were taught to be a good girl, weren’t you? I definitely was. And I am SO good at it. Flexible, pleasant, pleasing, adaptable, accommodating.

And I am SO fed up with that! For where does that lead you?

Sure, people will like you. Or not because, as I was told, 1/3 of the world population loves you, 1/3 is neutral and 1/3 dislikes you and there is nothing you can do to change that anyway, so there’s an interesting statistic for you.

But more importantly, being a good girl does very little to make you soar and follow your dreams, to live your soul’s purpose. Because the soul is hardly interested in adapting and accommodating. I did a video on this very subject this week, that might interest you.

Oh ’cause yes, I’ll be blogging a bit less and vlogging a bit more. So you may want to subscribe to my YouTube channel, or get on my Facebook page so you can watch my livestreams. Whichever pleases your soul ;-).

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