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Unleash your bold

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You are a highly educated, successful professional or entrepreneur.
You have a family, a partner, or lead a free and independent life.
You have achieved many of your goals and plans.
The outside world sees you as someone who’s in charge; high-achieving, high-performing, high-functioning.
The picture seems perfect, the ingredients for happiness are there.
Maybe not all – but many, certainly.

That’s the outside.

And the inside?
There’s a nagging feeling on the inside.

Lack of energy
Feeling like a fraud
Underneath – maybe even sadness

Often, you feel utterly disconnected from the job, the boss, your partner, the family, your friends.
Secretly, resentment is eating away at you.

Turns out having the picture perfect family, the great job, the prestigious projects is NOT the ultimate satisfaction you were made to believe it would be.

You look at your partner and wonder who he is. Bury yourself in work so as not to have to confront the lack of intimacy.
Pour yourself one glass of wine too many in the evening, to dull the irritability and sense of alienation.
In bed, you fantasize about buying your own apartment and hatch a secret runaway plan.
Tomorrow is another day.

You are irritable with your kids. You should feel deep maternal love and pride – but you feel stifled and imprisoned instead.
Your friends seem happy with same old same old – you’re not.

But you can’t say any of this to anyone.
They love you, they believe in you, they rely on you.
What if they find out that the friendliness, the care, the loyalty, the reliability, the working girl, the good girl – they’re all a mask?
That underneath, there is anger, rage, despair – and sometimes indifference and apathy.

Because – where is this all going?
What can you do?
Wait til the feelings pass? (they don’t).
Act on them? And lose everything? End up free – and alone? God no…

Guilt and shame fester.
There must be something deeply wrong with you.
You hit all those markers of success.
‘They’ are not doing anything wrong.
It’s you.
Why aren’t you happier?
Why so discontented, restless, bored, tired, fed up?

What is this stirring inside that you don’t even have a name for? That unformed desire that seems to have a source nor an outlet?

How come you don’t feel freer, happier, more joyful?
How come you diminish yourself, dull yourself down?
Why do you swallow the uncomfortable truth you really want to speak, hide the desires that really stir inside? (“I don’t like you anymore, I’m not happy, I want to go away, I want to start all over, I want to be a hippie in a campervan, I don’t know who I am, I don’t know who you are, I WANT OUT!”)

If you’re at the point where your body is sending out signals too – the headaches, the continuing colds, the stomach cramps, the backaches, the fatigue – you may be reaching the point of burnout.
When your life has become just going from one thing to another, caring for kids, for parents, for a social life and staying on top of the job…

In which case you are not living, but merely SURVIVING.

A complete WASTE. Of your talents, your power, your radiance and vibrancy.
Your gorgeous sumptuous wild womanhood.

Recognize any of these?

  • you’re successful but stuck in work that no longer lights your fire
  • you always have the same arguments and conflicts (with the same people)
  • you are easily touched by criticism, judgments, and comments, and then adjust
  • your choices are more inspired by obligations than by your dreams and desires
  • you often adapt and appear easy going, for the sake of peace
  • you have no energy because you feel overburdened or just not motivated
  • you can’t figure out how you can change things, or which direction you should go
  • your life does not suit you, even though you have created it yourself

But you want to:

  • feel free
  • be powerful – yet feminine
  • be guided by your internal compass
  • explore your wild and wise side
  • live your purpose
  • be a joyful, light-hearted, pleasured woman who can have belly laughs and crazy adventures
  • be seen and recognized for who you are, not your achievements

This means ignoring the rules a LOT more than you do.
It means owning your TRUTH and caring less about other people’s opinions and judgments.

Conformation has served its time; the good girl can start enjoying her pension.

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Let your soul be your pilot. Let your soul guide you, he’ll guide you well

~ Sting

Mind you, I know that good girl all too well. I was her for a long, long time. I lived inside my head, trying to make sense of life with that restless, frightened part of my brain. I tried to please everyone, nevertheless always feeling I was ‘not (good) enough’.

I was so locked up in my head that I suffered severe migraines all through my childhood and adolescence, until I was well into my 30s. I knew there had to be another way, but I had no idea how .

When I was in my mid-20s I once told one of my teachers, “When I grow up, I want to be a wise woman.”
If someone had told me that there was a School for Wise Women, I would have registered immediately.
Fortunately, I was determined to find the answers to the big questions of life, and life brought enough teachers and sages on my path, and the necessary painful experiences that also proved to be important teachers.

You are wise, you have flawless intuition

Except: nobody taught you to listen to that.
Your upbringing and education have taught you

  • to listen to authorities
  • to find the answers outside of you
  • be rational rather than intuitive
  • not rock the boat
  • focus on the outside world, instead of your inner world

And now you don’t know the way there.

It’s not your fault!
It’s a different language, a different route, and you don’t have the map yet.

I can help you. I know what it is like and have found my way out.
I learned to regain my intuition and trust. My wise and wild nature.

So that I can now use it – to great effect – for myself and others.

I can show you the way in and help you understand the language of your inner compass.
You learn to rely on the voice of your intuition, supported by your mind.

So your life can flow rather than be a struggle.
You’ll make authentic and powerful choices, that take you where you want to be.

You can get whatever you want!

Apply for your purpose consult here

If I am confident that I can help you I will be making an offer at the end of the consult, which on agreement means that a deposit will be required.


You are:

  • a wild and wise woman in the making; you are discovering your spirituality and you are eager to get in touch with your inner wisdom
  • blessed with a sense of humour and sufficient sobriety, for right balance
  • an inspired professional or entrepreneur who is ready to live her life on her own terms
  • ready to let go of your limiting beliefs and automatic behaviour
  • ready to discover and embrace your soul mission
  • fully prepared to invest in your personal growth; in time, energy and money
  • coachable, ie curious, open, willing to leave your comfort zone. You take responsibility for your own process and you dare to ask for what you need

I am:

  • a highly experienced, compassionate, intuitive and inspirational mentor
  • very skilled in understanding and translating the language of the soul
  • incisive; I help you quickly get to the heart of the matter
  • fully committed to my mission to connect women to their innate wisdom, wildness and quirk, and have them get whatever they want

Here is my about me page

Since working with Karin, I know who I really am, what I really want, what my wishes, desires, talents, qualities and values are. I now know what really matters to me and shape all aspects of my life accordingly.
So I’m taking charge of my life now.
I have self-knowledge and self-confidence. I am no longer guided by what I think others expect.
In addition, I now know how to set boundaries.
I have achieved my goals, but our working together has meant so much more than that!
Karin is kind, safe, compassionate, down-to-earth. She has given me the insight that most things aren’t either good or bad – and that I am the one who determines what is right for me.
The coaching has accelerated my spiritual process and given me the courage to go much deeper.

~ Mariella, coach in training

Despite my years of experience, excellent training and vast professional knowledge, I tended to diminish myself and to withdraw when criticized. As a result, I sometimes missed opportunities or was not taken seriously enough in my work. I had already done a lot of personal development, but in the sessions with Karin I really got to the core of my impostor syndrome, and I now know how to deal with it. I now put myself at the centre and don’t let myself be disturbed unnecessarily.
Karin is a pleasant person who quickly puts you at ease. She made me laugh at myself and situations but also took me to a deeper layer, so that I really got to the heart of the matter.

~ Angelique, HR director

After working with me you have:

  • crystal clarity about your purpose, your motivations, your authenticity
  • liberation from limiting patterns
  • clarity about your next step(s)
  • courage and confidence to make soul inspired choices
  • a strong and lasting connection with your inner wisdom, which you will learn to trust and use every day
  • reignition of your spark, joy and lust for life
  • real transformation; power, freedom, lightness, direction
  • in short: a life you love, and knowing how to get it

Are you ready to unleash Freya?

Apply for your purpose consult here

If I am confident that I can help you I will be making an offer at the end of the consult, which on agreement means that a deposit will be required.


Freya – Unleash your bold© is my 90 days foundational transformational mentoring program for professional women who want to awaken to their innate wisdom & intuition, heal their bore out or burnout and rise to their next empowered level.

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