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Karin’s Sacred Cottage Circle

Karin’s Sacred Cottage Circle

Create your ‘Cottage State of Mind’ in every sense of the word.

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“A woman must have money and a room or own if she is to write fiction”
– Virginia Woolf

In Karin’s Sacred Cottage Circle, you’ll learn how to create ‘Cottage State of Mind’ – in every sense of the word.

Your sacred space – the space where you relax, get warm and cozy, get creative, connect – to your heart and soul. Where you have your own rituals and


In the summer of 2017, 3 years after selling my house and moving in with my husband, I decided I needed a Room of My Own again. Not just the small office upstairs that I had, but a clean place that I could call my own.

My rules, my interior styling, my bits and pieces, my rituals.

Three months after the decision, Karin’s Cottage in the woods was a fact.

It’s the place where I retreat, recharge, pamper my inner artist, meet with friends and soul clients.

Every woman needs a room of her own.

Be it a cottage, a she-shed, or just a corner in the house that is sacred and off-limits for partner and / or kids.

In the search for my cottage, I found that I didn’t need a cottage state (you know, thatched roof and all) to create a cottage state of mind.

Between you and me, Karin’s Cottage is an upgraded mobile home.

But I made it into my cottage.

You can do it too. High, medium, low or no budget.

Everything is possible. I share all my tips and insights to help you create that State of Mind in your life 

You will discover how to turn everyday objects into sacred pieces that you can use to create your cottage space, give as gifts or sell to others who want a cottage or their own.  

Special guests will join us to teach rituals, self-care, boundaries, using essential oils and much much more. Each month, experts from around the globe will join us in our sacred space to share their wisdom and expertise.

Find a sisterhood as we sit by the fire, share our stories and make lasting friendships.


Karin’s Cottage Sacred Circle

for only

€ 19.99 a month

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When you create a cottage piece (peace) you will find yourself more centered, more in tune with yourself.


Outer space:

  • fleamarket finds
  • refurbishing tips
  • gardening
  • herbs
  • cooking
  • styling
  • feng shui
  • stuff we love

Inner space:

  • cottage retreating
  • books
  • rituals
  • boundaries
  • radical self-care

When you join Karin’s Sacred Cottage Circle you will receive:


Bonus free training & master classes

icon 11

Chance to showcase your own products and services


First dibs and discount on my products


Great place to network and find friends


Expert speakers will teach you how to create your sacred space every 2 weeks:

  • essential oils
  • crystals
  • herbs
  • natural remedies
  • refurbishing
  • DIY tips
  • shopping tips
  • books & writing
  • art
  • self-care
  • healing
  • mindfulness
  • boundaries

A woman’s sanctuary.

Where wisdom, grace and intuition meet

Join today for only
€19,99 per month

Create Your Cottage State of Mind

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