Supervision (work coaching)

For professionals in the humanities

Are you a coach, trainer, therapist, social worker, do you work in (mental) health care, education or another people-oriented profession?
Then you are your most important instrument.
That is wonderful and tough at the same time. Confronting. Frustrating. Painful sometimes.

It’s all about you!

People are wonderful and difficult to work with. They push your buttons. And when that happens, you are usually not your most powerful self. Your wisdom goes out the window; your fear-driven automatic patterns take over.
It’s even more complicated on the workfloor; the organisation and your place in it are also a factor.

It is no coincidence that you do what you do.
Coaches, therapists, social workers, teachers, healthcare professionals – they have a calling, they are idealists, helpers, givers.
You want to make the world a better place.
You have a good heart.

But those wonderful talents and traits may also be what trips you up

You may be prone to self-doubt, self-criticism, feeling overly responsible and having trouble setting clear boundaries. To name a few.

    * How do you keep up enthusiasm and freshness in your work?
    * How do you stay on top of your game?
    * How do you take care of yourself while taking care of others?
    * How do you maintain healthy boundaries?
    * How do you recognize and work with your limiting beliefs and sabotaging patterns?
    * How do you make sure clients and patients do their work, and you do yours?
    * How do you deal with transference and countertransference?
    * How do you deal with ethical dilemmas and loyalty matters?
    * How do you handle sometimes complicated relationships with clients, colleagues, managers?
    * How do you find your idealism again once you’ve ran into harsh reality a few times too many?
    * How do you keep growing in your profession and developing yourself as a profession?

Wouldn’t it be awesome to feel more in control? To not be living for the weekend and the holidays, or have your hopes on ‘three months from now, when all will be quieter’. Or believing that you will finally be who you need to be, once you’ve completed course x, gotten promotion y, done training z?

Wouldn’t you love if it was you controlling your energy and managing your boundaries? Showing up authentically and powerfully, with full access to your inner wisdom, even if your work environment is challenging, hectic and demanding? Knowing that you already own everything you need to be the professional you want to be?

In supervision we work for 20 weeks* (10 sessions) on questions and issues around your work and professional life, on the basis of case studies you bring in. I’ll be guiding you and looking over your shoulder, and provide you with a tonne of tools to equip you to deal with stressful and challenging situations.
You learn what brings you in certain situations and what you can do to avoid them or deal with them differently.
You learn to master your own instrument (you!) and regain control of your work and vitality.

How do we do that

We meet every two weeks, face-to-face, via skype, zoom or phone (whichever we agree on). We work with the case studies you bring to the table.
You reflect on every session so as to deepen your learning process. I give feedback on your written reflection in the next session.
Of course you can also bring in video material if you want me to look at a real work situation.

Want to know if we are a match?

Please fill in the questionnaire (here) with no obligation. I’ll get back to you within 3 working days; either to let you know I don’t think we’re a match, or to schedule a skypecall where we get to know each other and explore the options.
Go to questionnaire.

Your investment

For a trajectory of 10 sessions your investment is €1210,-**.

Is this for you?

Filling out the questionnaire puts you under no obligation. Like you, I only want the perfect match. If I think it is something or someone else you need, I will let you know.

* Depending on our calendars, public holidays and vacations.

** VAT included. Payment plan available.

My supervision complies with the requirements of the professional association LVSC

The number of 1-on-1 spots is limited. Currently there is no waiting list.

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