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Karin Bosveld

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You are an Extraordinary Woman

1-2-1 leadership with Karin Bosveld, mentoring and guidance for women is at the core and soul of my work and craft and what I became known for. I work with women all over the world offering in person and online consultancy and bespoke 1-2-1 retreats.

My support is profound, extraordinary, specific and tailored to you.

My clients are women leading medium and large-scale businesses, they are C suite or have a strategic role. They are also women who have made or wish to make the courageous shift from employee to running their own business, while creating a fruitful and prosperous life for themselves and perhaps also their families.

My 1-2-1 consultancy is the gateway to unparalleled care and freedom for women to explore, cultivate a vision and create her deepest expression in this lifetime.
Joy, power, love, sex, desire, abundance of being and fulfilling her earning potential while living in her truest sense of self; healthy, supported with enriching and uplifting social connections friendships and relationships.

It is our time now to journey into our deepest knowing and reset the priorities we know to be true – for ourselves, our businesses, families and wider community.

The world needs your kind of Extraordinary. And most importantly right now, you need your kind of extraordinary.

Sound like a big ask?

Let me tell you, it really is not.

The profound, intangible aspects of feminine power and leadership have been side-lined, put on the back burner for so long; as a society we resort to what has worked before, leaning into intellectual and physical stamina for solutions and growth.

Women at the same time, often have a deep innate desire to tend to the needs of other aspects of business, family life, friends leaving little time for personal growth, development and even personal, mental, emotional and physical care.

In my practice I see many examples of ‘sidelining’ leaving your most basic needs until the very last, it is often a rooted in patterns from childhood or in attaching ourselves to relationships that are ill judged and do not serve your truest desires. To be seen, adored, pleasured, appreciated and to enjoy deepest fulfillment and connection with the extraordinary woman and human being that you are.

Our way of life is infused with our habits, and as we learn to prioritise our needs our environment responds, sometimes unfavourably to begin with. Resetting these patterns takes time, care, wise counsel and nurturing.

It is a sacred and life changing process.

My 1-2-1 leadership and mentorship takes women on a deeper journey into their desires and wishes, to breathe life into parts of themselves that have for so long been neglected or have not seen the light of day due to fear and struggle.

If you are looking for the new paradigm in female leadership to carry through into organisations or your personal world, why not book an exploratory call with me and we can talk about what care and leadership looks like to you and what I can do to support you in living into your kind of Extraordinary.


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"Presence is what heals; love is what heals; the relationship is what heals."

-Karin Bosveld

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