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You know you are here with a reason – and that reason can’t be just plodding on, making the best of it.
You know your soul wants to shine bright, to bring beautiful things into the world.
But life’s tricky, winding paths can lead you astray and make you feel light years removed from your soul, from your true self.

Years of education and cultural messages train us to be rational and obedient, to act on sheer will power and, as a woman, probably try to please everybody into the bargain.

Your soul is speaking to you, no doubt about that. But can you hear her? And if you hear her, dare you follow her guidance?


I am Karin Bosveld, life & work coach and spiritual teacher. Writer and speaker. It is my mission to help women like you reconnect to the wisdom of their soul so they can live their true purpose. It is what the world needs.
Beautiful, shining souls, living their purpose, loving their lives, trusting their path.


But I know this isn’t always easy. Fear, anxiety, self-doubt and a head spinning with limiting thoughts and beliefs get in the way.

I once was an introverted, intuitive, somewhat dreamy girl. But soon enough, hearing too often not to be difficult, silly or wimpy, I learned to please, and to take the cues for my beliefs and behaviours from the grown-ups that I was dependent upon.
And so I disconnected from my intuition.
In church, we were told about the soul, but never taught what it really meant to be an incarnate soul. We weren’t taught its function, its language, its meaning, its vital importance as our compass in this life.

So I disconnected, became a ‘head person’ – so much so that I suffered severe migraines all through my youth and adolescence until into my thirties, and tried to make sense of life logically, intellectually.

What it resulted in, was that feeling of not belonging here, that you may be familiar with. How come everybody seems to know what they’re doing and where they’re going, and I don’t? Why am I so different?


Well, my dear, it is because you haven’t forgotten that you are a soul in a body, not just a body and a brain. And it is that calling of your soul, that won’t have this chasing of material dreams, targets and deadlines. It won’t let you forget your free feminine spirit, and the reason it came here.


I found my way back, and it has changed my life so dramatically.
I know it is time for you, too, to let your soul be your pilot, or you wouldn’t be here.
And I can help you, ‘cause I have found what works. I can save you the dead-end streets and the mazes. I can use my intuition to help you get to the core and teach you how to reconnect to yours.


Find out here how we can work together.
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More about me

I live in the south of The Netherlands with my husband Ron and dog Sophie. I have worked as an English teacher, a journalist, a reintegration coach, a teacher of communication and journalistic skills, a coordinator of a post-academic course for mindfulness teachers, a study coach and supervisor for social work students.
I am also a zen and mindfulness & compassion teacher and a Reiki master.
Currently, I am a student of A Course in Miracles and in a year program with Neale Donald Walsch.
My CV shows my soul quest – which always continues. We are ever learning, growing, expanding.
I love chocolate, coffee, wine, spiritual books, walks with Sophe, oracle cards (you can never have enough oracle cards) and cardies (you can never have enough cardies).

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