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About me

Some call me white witch. Some call me shaman. Some call me wise woman. Some call me crone.
Some call me (ex-)wife, some call me lover, some call me daughter, some call me friend, some call me sister.
Some call me coach, some call me teacher, some call me trainer, some call me therapist.
I am all of that and none of that.

One word I guess sums me up is eclectic.
I had a traditional education. I went to university, I know about ‘proper’ research and science.
I was raised in a protestant family, went to church, believed in God.
I was born in the sixties but raised by fifties parents.
No flower power and pot for me – rather: rules, limitations and obedience; ‘nice girls should be seen not heard’.
I love my family, but they are, let’s face it, from a bloodline of judgers, raised with the teachings of Calvin.

Patriarchy ruled.

It took for me to lose my mother at 24, and a lot of drifting and searching and packing up and leaving and hurting and starting over and rinsing and repeating – to find my freedom.
Changing lovers, changing towns, changing jobs, changing careers…

Of course the real change came through the journey within.

I took a deep dive into my shadow with counsellors, therapists, coaches, healers.
I was a zen student for 10 years.
I studied Mindfulness, Self-compassion, Focussing, Reiki, Psych-K – to name a few.
Studied transpersonal counselling and professional supervision.
Yet many of my tools were self-taught or passed on through peers.

Listen up, buttercup.

Working with me means embracing the unconventional.
Sure, I love me some evidence. But if that evidence is my own and my clients’ experience, or the teachings of someone I admire deeply, then sometimes that is enough for me.
What works, works.
These are fast and furious times and new modalities are instantaneous.

Working with me will certainly involve mindfulness and self-compassion practice, embodiment practices, working with archetypes, shamanic journeying, focussing, inner child work, journaling. I may throw in some Psych-K for smashing limiting beliefs.
I will encourage you to start or change your morning ritual, to get moving, to change your diet, and to stretch your comfort zone.
We’ll definitely talk about sex, baby.
Chakra work is a staple. I don’t shy away from crystals and herbs.
I will talk to you about and have you work with polarity – the masculine and the feminine; yin and yang.

I am a polarity work pioneer in the Netherlands – you probably won’t find this with any other coach.

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Your result will be having what you really really want.
Freedom from good girl and impostor syndrome.
Burnout and bore out were only ever you living in the illusion that you had to be what others told you to be.

You will thrive and shine like the badass, witchy, magical magnet you always were.

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