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Stepping into my online + in-person retreats is a deeply loving and enriching commitment to yourself. 

Retreats for me personally have been a vital component on my life journey – in both my corporate years and latterly, now as a leader and mentor to extraordinary women in their own right. I have attended many retreats with varying degrees of effectiveness for me personally, so, with this experience in hand my support is mindfully crafted to ensure that you what receive at the time is what you need the most.

Why might I benefit from a retreat?

Embodying change requires scrupulous self-care. Yet modern life gets so busy that rarely do we gift ourselves the highest quality care, we find ourselves in a familiar zone of dis-comfort and find sticking plaster mish-mash methods and coping strategies as long-term solutions.

Inevitably these do not work and my tried and tested tools I bring into my client retreats involves not only remedying and healing these patterns, but unearthing and nurturing false beliefs, expectations and damaging or limiting cycles in all arenas of life.

How might I feel after a Retreat? What will a Retreat with me do for you?

Retreat work is instinctive, requires its own time and space, and it goes deep to the core of the issues and patterns.

It is deeply personal to every woman and the results are extraordinary. When you emerge and step back into your life, you create your day-to-day experiences from a place of sustainable, enriched intuitive power that feels like finding home within yourself at long last, yet feels wondrous extraordinary and expansive.

A breathe of fresh air.

What kind of retreat would be best for me?

If you have never been on a retreat – online or in a physical venue, it is important to first consider your deepest desires and needs. Every woman that wishes to heal and connect with her innate kind of extraordinary has an exploratory conversation with me to discern the benefits of group retreats and, in many cases, where 1-2-1 bespoke retreats is essential for the best outcome.
I honour every woman wherever she is and it is vital that time and consideration is applied when choosing how you wish to receive support.

We are so often out of touch with receiving what we truly desire that it can be hard to imagine having our deepest wishes and needs met and so we dare not ask.

Now this can all change. The extraordinary woman in you deserves time, care, consideration and extraordinary results.

Retreat Options

Let’s look at the options.

1-2-1 Bespoke Retreats

Bespoke retreats can be booked throughout the year – they are created and carried out with you in a time and space to suit your needs. Where possible women travel to Karin’s Cottage and if this isn’t possible, the online option is equally sacred and nurturing as I give my bespoke retreat clients clear guidance around creating that space before we meet online. Bespoke retreat programs require mindful, considered and intuitive preparation; the delivery and integration of support will meet the needs of the discerning woman who above all else are ready and willing to commit to their deepest self-care so she can expand into her power and deeply enjoy and proactively enrich her extraordinary life. On her terms.

Seasonal Group Retreats

Space are always strictly limited and yet I am always wowed by the magical support that group connection weaves in these online spaces. Group retreats whether online or at a venue are mostly held over weekends, and the extraordinary women benefits from careful guidance, exploration and far-reaching wellbeing tools address practical, mental, emotional and of course spiritual components of being.

Please keep up to date on my Seasonal Group Retreats by adding your email address to the mailing list.

Explore the best retreat option for you by connecting with me, Karin, and booking a confidential call. You will be sent a short form to complete before we meet on our exploratory call. All details are treated with the utmost care, kindness and discretion.


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"Presence is what heals; love is what heals; the relationship is what heals."

-Karin Bosveld

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