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A woman I work with had breakthrough after breakthrough in the past few weeks.
She herself barely noticed, because she felt mostly sick – and floored.

Listening to everything she told me about the past few weeks, I mainly saw progress.

She had neglected her body a bit. She didn’t know how to listen to it. So it stepped on the brakes.
It was all fine with a short pill cure and a few lifestyle changes.
And: paying better attention to her body. She now knows how.

She came to me, like so many others, because her life didn’t feel like her own. Now, after working together for a few months, I can see her blossoming.

She can feel her true desires. She feels the contrast with all the times she settled, because she didn’t think she deserved more. She makes room for herself, for what she really wants, and learns to say no or or set a boundary when necessary.

The changes seem magical.
Not much seems to happen in the first few weeks. What hurts only seems to hurt more. Where there seems to be no way out, things only looks more hopeless. The greatest desire seems unfulfillable, because she self-sabotages every time.

But the night is always darkest before dawn. A wound that is healing is going to itch terribly. An injury that looks black and blue is recovering well.

When our psyche is bothering us, we have countless ways to divert attention from it so that we don’t have to feel so bad. To change something, this is our first task: to pay attention. But it will only seem to get worse at first.

Truth is, now that we have stopped distracting ourselves, we can finally start exploring it; find out what it is, how it came into being, what sustains it, and what it needs to transform.

That is the bullet we have to bite.
The results will show, with a little patience.

This is why we speak of a processes, and a process needs time. And that’s also why I want to encourage you to consider going to a psychosocial therapist (or another type of independent therapist) if you want this kind of help. Someone with no waiting list, and plenty of time for you.

With additional insurance you will be partly reimbursed.
Request a complimentary introductory meeting here.

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