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If there had been a school for wise women, I would have enrolled, when I was in my twenties. That was always my soul’s craving: gaining wisdom. And I sure didn’t mean more cognitive and intellectual stimulance – God knows I got enough of that in school and college.
I wasn’t even sure what I meant exactly, but it was about understanding myself, about understanding life, about truth with a capital T, about the unspoken and unspeakable, about mystery and myth, about the Eternal and the Universal.

I embarked on my spiritual journey after my mother died very suddenly when I was 24 (and she was only 45) and everything I’d done and believed before seemed futile. There was only this one question: what is this life? What am I doing here? My wisdom quest of over 25 years has lead me on so many beautiful and enlightening paths, and on some erroneous ones as well – inevitably so, and it’s all good.

I’ve come to understand that the reason why I could not find the wisdom I was looking for in the traditional schools – especially after having taught there myself for quite a while – is that our schools and universities are, like most of our institutions, very masculine. It is all about goal setting, doing, achieving. Yang energy. Nothing wrong with that, except it needs to be balanced with yin energy, which is about opening, allowing, receiving, reflecting. And it hardly ever is balanced, because our societal structure is still so masculine.

I get so many women in my practice who are almost or entirely burnt out and burnt up trying to achieve success by male standards. Who have been going against their nature and paying the price. Especially women over 40, who are in that life stage where deeper lying questions about the ‘why’ of their lives become pivotal.
I know the times they are a-changing and it fills me with joy. Women are waking up to their divine femininity. And I’m so happy to be able to contribute to those awakenings. To help midwife and nurture those births of new insights, new beliefs, new intentions, new beginnings.

And so I’ve created the Facebook group for awakening wise women. For women who are on this quest and would love some support and inspiration.
If you feel this is for you, I’d love to welcome you there.
Join us here: awakening wise women.

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