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Spring Retreat

A woman’s body

Leadership starts with self-leadership starts with radical self care

Many women don’t put themselves first in their lives.
Having been taught that a good girl is adaptable, caring (for others), self-effacing.
A new era is dawning and women are meant to come out of hiding and LEAD.

However, this means you’ll have to be VERY aware of and economic with your energy and resources.

Your Body is EVERYTHING. It is your temple, your wisdom tool, the conduit of your intuition… but the storer of your trauma too.

So many women have a dubious relationship with their bodies.
Finding fault, judging, punishing…
Even the phrase ‘relationship with your body’ is dubious: you ARE your body. Being hard on the body is being hard on YOU.

Self-love is THE preriquisite for your leadership.
How can you prioritise, trust, honour and follow your own voice if you don’t love yourself, i.e. love, trust and fully understand your body?

This retreat is all about a woman’s body. In honour of and love for your curves and hollows, your bigness and smallness, your feminine splendour.

Buy for €99,00

On Sunday, March 21, I’m creating an online space for YOU.

The Spring Retreat

will provide you with

 🌟 clearing of baggage
 🌟 deepening of your relationship with your body
 🌟 tools for body- and breathwork
 🌟 understanding of your body as a source of wisdom
 🌟 space to let go of what has been holding you back

🌟 and the company of kindred soul-sisters

For just €99

You get:

🌙 a powerful healing
🌙 a Shamanic journey to your body’s wisdom
🌙 tools for deep body- and breathwork
🌙 a rare chance to work with me at this price

🌙 a recording of the sessions + meditations


This is a unique offer; I’m sharing tools that I usually reserve for my VIP clients.

I’m in!

Honouring your Body


The details:

Date: Sunday March 21, 9.30 – 16.00 CET (Amsterdam)
Place: Zoom
Price: €99,00 (VAT included)
Spaces: 12

I do deep work and hold space for some 1 to 1 work during the retreat.
For this reason, I keep the group small.
If you’re on the fence: don’t wait too long.

Past participants have experienced deep transformation during retreats and many return.

So jump in while there’s still space available!

Claim my space!

This retreat is complimentary for students of the Mystery School

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