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Client stories

Since working with Karin, I know who I really am, what I really want, what my wishes, desires, talents, qualities and values are. I now know what really matters to me and shape all aspects of my life accordingly.
So I’m taking charge of my life now.
I have self-knowledge and self-confidence. I am no longer guided by what I think others expect.
In addition, I now know how to set boundaries.
I have achieved my goals, but our working together has meant so much more than that!
Karin is kind, safe, compassionate, down-to-earth. She has given me the insight that most things aren’t either good or bad – and that I am the one who determines what is right for me.
The coaching has accelerated my spiritual process and given me the courage to go much deeper.

~ Mariella, coach in training

Despite my years of experience, excellent training and vast professional knowledge, I tended to diminish myself and to withdraw when criticized. As a result, I sometimes missed opportunities or was not taken seriously enough in my work. I had already done a lot of personal development, but in the sessions with Karin I really got to the core of my impostor syndrome, and I now know how to deal with it. I now put myself at the centre and don’t let myself be disturbed unnecessarily.
Karin is a pleasant person who quickly puts you at ease. She made me laugh at myself and situations but also took me to a deeper layer, so that I really got to the heart of the matter.

~ Angelique, HR director

Working with Karin has exceeded my expectations. It was a party.
I was expecting insights, but what I got was so much confidence in my own strength, such comfort in my new role and the ease to just do what I do.
Karin is not a standard coach; in another life she would be a shaman, someone who has the wisdom to let people find their own way and guard that process.
It feels like just having tea and cake with Karin, and in the meantime something magical is happening.
My intuitive knowledge, trust in my own gifts and powers as a woman have been awakened and are now flowing.
This is for women who (want to) walk the spiritual path and are looking for a powerful boost. This is not about knowing with the mind, but intuitive knowing – and that is what you need Karin for.

~ Christel, teacher

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