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flashYou’ve probably heard me say this before, but until I was in my mid-twenties, I thought I had no intuition. I was a mind person. If I had a question or a problem, I went up into my head.
I knew no other way.

Was that a problem? Well, yes.
Because I couldn’t always solve everything in my head. But I tried anyway, which caused anxiety, stress and migraines.

And because my head decisions were more often than not unconnected to my heart (I had no idea that was an even option!) I did things that turned out disastrous (such as certain partner and job choices).

If only I had listened to my intuition. But I didn’t think I had intuition.
No wonder.
I couldn’t hear it, couldn’t feel it, couldn’t sense it.

My mind in overdrive (‘monkey mind’ as buddhists call it) was completely blocking it.

Are you a head person? Is your monkey mind wild, loud and insistent? Is it running the show? Does it keep you awake at night and tense and on your toes during the day?

I SO know how you feel.
But I also know that it needn’t be that way. 
The monkey mind can be quieted. And by doing so, you automatically create the space where you can hear, feel, sense your intuition and inner wisdom.

YES that is important if you want to make choices with your heart and soul, not just with your (limited) mind. That is important if you want to be able to FEEL whether you are on the right track and in alignment with who you truly are.
This life is not just a brain-exercise. Mind-body-soul should be working together harmoniously.

And that is impossible when monkey mind runs the show.

So let’s deal with that.

My 5 day minicourse (aka as ‘challenge’, but I’ve really created it (she says, smugly ;-)) as a lovely course!)
Quiet the monkey mind – inner peace made easy‘ teaches you the 5 steps you need to tame that little rascal and make space for the voice of your intuition.

Starts August 29.
Join us here!

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