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Extraverts thrive on interaction with others. It gives them energy.
Introverts don’t. It’s not that they don’t like people, it’s just that interacting with them costs them energy and after a while their battery will be empty and they need to recharge. They do this by being alone and turning inward. If you’re an introvert and highly sensitive, you’ll reach this point even more quickly as your senses are more easily overstimulated.

You probably know, if you’re an introvert and/or hsp, that you’ll need to schedule in down time, that you’ll need to be taking care of your basic needs on a regular basis and all that.
But that is not nearly all.

The number one thing to make you people-resilient and fit to be of any use to them at all is…. self-compassion.

I know so many care-givers who come from a place of needing to be needed, or a sense of duty, or an automatic pattern of giving that comes from a deep but unacknowledged need to receive.
Until the point where they get resentful.

I’m saying this all the time and I’ll keep repeating it ad nauseam until I’m absolutely sure those who need to hear it have heard:

you cannot give from an empty well.

AND, perhaps even more importantly, your well will remain a bottomless pit if you assume others can and will fill it for you.
If there is lack of self-compassion, no amount of love and attention from others will ever fill the hole.

So, my dear, practice self-compassion. I’ll be shooting a short and sweet video today, teaching you a short and sweet self-compassion practice, and share it in the Awakening Wise Women group.

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