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The ego is in many cases not our best adviser – driven by fear and the need for survival, it will either try to keep you in your comfort zone, push you to get stuff done even if it’s not necessarily nourishing your soul, and in general urging you to take ego-affirming action.

It’s al about me me me – am I safe? Am I valued? Am I seen? Am I successful? And so on.

It has limited view and is bound by cultural beliefs, norms, values etcetera.

This only gets you so far, and you know it. The ego is practical, from a survival point of view. For a deeply fulfilling and more spiritual life, we need to turn to the soul, or the voice of our inner wisdom, or any other name you like to give that source of wisdom.

You’ve heard me say that the voice of the ego is loud, and tends to drown out the more subtle whisperings of the soul.
Another difficulty is, that the soul hardly speaks in complete sentences. Language is not necessarily how your inner wisdom conveys its messages. It can be in images, through insights, ideas, feelings, sensations in the body or in dreams.

So in order to open up to those messages, we need to become quiet and turn inward. We literally need to close off from all the input from the outside world, to take a moment to let our mind settle, get quiet, and open ourselves to our inner landscape.

But this is not the only reason why we find it so hard to hear the voice of inner wisdom and follow its guidance.

Perhaps the most important reason is, that we’re trying to get the soul to answer in ego language. We’re listening to the soul from our ego paradigm.

What I notice so often with my clients, is that the questions they want to ask their soul, are very practical. The bottom-line drive behind the question is often survival. So in the question, they are seeking a solution. A practical solution. Which, from an ego point of view, is normal and legitimate.

But this is the whole point: the soul is not the ego.
Not only does it speak a different language, it has a whole different perspective. It does not ‘think’ in terms of time, space, life, death, survival etc. It is not concerned with the ego’s interests.

So there is not much point asking your soul: ‘Should I marry this man or not’ (although your intuition can give a very direct hit on such a question!), ‘Should I have my wedding in May or in August?’, ‘Why is he being such a jackass?’ or ‘How am I going to earn more money?’
Sure, you can ask those questions. But the answers you’ll get won’t be ‘May’ or ‘Go ask your manager for a raise’.

Soul wisdom is much more likely to show you the deeper meaning of things, to show you another layer of what you are struggling with, to remind you of underlying needs. It will always be a gentle, loving message, never harsh, judging or condemning. But it may not be as straightforward as the ego wants it, and not as concerned with clear-cut solutions and short-term actions.
And this is when it gets hard understanding the soul. If you are getting at it from an ego perspective, expecting ego-solutions.

The dream-like, symbolic, spheric, fragmented messages from your soul can be puzzling sometimes. Sometimes it helps to do some automatic writing about it, to see what else comes up. Sometimes just sitting with it, or letting it be for a while, helps you get more clarity.

In counselling, I help people dig deeper and gain clarity on their inner journey.
My latest offer is the beautiful and insightful Wise Woman journey, where you get to meet and talk to you inner wise woman and we clarify the experience with some in-depth counselling.
This month, I have a special offer on the Wise Woman session.

What is your inner wisdom telling you?

Wise Woman Session with discount

This is what one of my clients says about it:

“What a wonderful session. I gained such valuable insights. Karin guides the visualisation most pleasantly – with lots of space for letting be what is. No musts or shoulds – anything goes. The extra value, for me, was in the counseling after the meditation. Karin reflects back what she sees, hears and feels, and that gave me some profound insights. How wonderful to come to the conclusion that I am a wise woman! Thank you Karin, for this beautiful insight”

Glenny, owner ‘Zin in Kleur’

The normal price of a 90-minute Wise Woman Session is €147, but if you book this month (February) you only pay €97 (you can plan the session after February if you want). BUT: for the women in my facebook group Awakening Wise Women there is an EXTRA discount; they pay ONLY €47!!
Find info and book here, or join the group and take advantage of the extra discount.
Love to take you on the inner journey!

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