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29 June, 2018

You don’t need a fortuneteller

The other day, someone asked me if I had predictive gifts. She was so eager to find new love, and really needed someone.. Lees meer

20 April, 2018

Are you done pleasing? Start leading – your way

It’s been quiet on the blogging front lately. I’ve been going through a lot – which tends to make me quiet (although, if.. Lees meer

23 February, 2017

Why it is so hard to understand the soul (really: it isn’t!)

The ego is in many cases not our best adviser – driven by fear and the need for survival, it will either try.. Lees meer

31 January, 2017

On being a wise woman

In an earlier post in my facebook group, awakening wise women, I shared that I was deeply affected by the Obama – Trump.. Lees meer

20 January, 2017

No more shiny object syndrome

This entrepreneurial journey comes with a learning curve. Last year, I invested in a lot of coaching, group programs and online products. Some.. Lees meer

2 December, 2016

Those days you want to crawl under a blanket…

Although I am quite active on various social media, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s all fun and games to me. On many days,.. Lees meer

24 November, 2016

The soul purpose myth busted

Do you believe your are here with a mission? Are you convinced that your soul has a plan? Do you feel that you.. Lees meer

20 October, 2016

Finding joy inside tears

A while ago, in my facebook group Awakening Wise Women, I ran a Joyfulness Challenge – possibly you joined in, or meant to.. Lees meer

10 June, 2016

What to do when fear rears its ugly head?

Back from two lovely, sunny, quiet weeks in Spain, I got back to work again on Monday. As many of you know, I.. Lees meer

26 April, 2016

Your roadmap to wisdom (1)

Eight keys to living a soulful life Key 1: self-knowledge So you want to live a soulful life. You want to grow, spiritually,.. Lees meer

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