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This entrepreneurial journey comes with a learning curve. Last year, I invested in a lot of coaching, group programs and online products.
Some of it was very helpful.
Much of it – not useful at all. I look back in amazement on some of my purchases.
What was I thinking?? Why on earth did I think I needed THAT?

Well, it’s easy.
For the same reason you may think you need to read a gazillion more books on a certain topic, do umpteen more courses, do loads more training or get heaps more certificates.

Because we think we are not good enough.
And ‘they’ know better.

And before you know it, you suffer from shiny object syndrome.

In my case: if only I’ve built a webshop, if only I master the art of hosting the perfect webinar, if only I learn about copywriting, design – name any skill not related to coaching. As soon as I master the 7-step formula to filling my sales funnel… and so on.


It’s funny though – I needed to fall into this trap and climb out, in order to remember my own truth.
Which is – ironically – what I’m teaching my clients and students:
let your soul be your pilot.

Shed all the layers of other people’s values, beliefs, do’s and don’ts.
Get clear on and free of your limiting beliefs.
Cut through the clutter of the monkey mind. Let it quiet down.
Make space for the wisdom of the soul, listen to your own divine Truth, and cultivate the trust and confidence to live by it.

Well, apparently I needed to remember that, when you’re starting out on a journey and are full of doubts, when you cannot see very far ahead and don’t know what is around the next corner, it is easier said than done, that soul pilot stuff.

It’s easy to get side-tracked, to get blinded by the shiny objects, to start believing that the truth, the answer, the solution is out there, rather than in here.

What’s supported me most last year, has been 1-on-1 and group work with mentors and peers I resonate with. People who know their stuff, and whose only aim is to help me build my soul business – not some version of their soul’s business. Not the 7 steps to ultimate and eternal entrepreneurial bliss, or the ‘learn the exact way to reach business enlightenment’ program (no don’t google that, I made that up).

We want to believe it’s possible though. Myself included, over and over again.

Show me the easy steps.
Tell me the ONE way.

It doesn’t work like that. Life doesn’t work like that.

Sure, there are some laws and principles, some rules-of-thumb that are very useful to know and keep in the back of your mind.

Like I have a few principles that I ALWAYS talk about with my people. Pillars that support my teaching – because I believe that they make universal sense:

Awareness, Compassion, and Wisdom.

They are not a system or formula.
They are values you can cultivate and practice so that they can serve as touchstones for the truth of your soul.
And when you live in alignment with that truth, you’ll feel that life makes sense.

Caveat: I said this is not a formula. Eternal bliss not guaranteed. For we are human. We don’t do eternal bliss. We get messy, we forget, we get out of alignment.

No problem. Get back up and try again.

So for coaches, teachers, trainers – anyone working with people, I’ve created a gift that is NOT a formula, not a guaranteed success program to become a copy of me or anyone else. But a selection of sensible guidelines that will help you be the best version of YOU.


Get the Cheat Sheet for Coaches (and any professional working with people) here.

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