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20 September, 2018

Time to come out of the closet

Are you in the closet? Possibly. I myself, although I have already come out at least ten, or fifty or a hundred times,.. Lees meer

29 June, 2018

You don’t need a fortuneteller

The other day, someone asked me if I had predictive gifts. She was so eager to find new love, and really needed someone.. Lees meer

18 June, 2018

Wisdom is not what you think

I’m probably not telling you anything you did’t know when I say that wisdom is an important theme for me. I predicted that.. Lees meer

3 May, 2018

You can only change you… is that true?

I am still on Facebook people. I say this, because a comment on Facebook induced this blog. So if you’d like to connect:.. Lees meer

20 April, 2018

Are you done pleasing? Start leading – your way

It’s been quiet on the blogging front lately. I’ve been going through a lot – which tends to make me quiet (although, if.. Lees meer

29 March, 2018

Never spend money on a guru

One of the biggest and most harmful lies in life, is that you should or could always have an answer to everything. I’ve.. Lees meer

25 August, 2017

Finding your soul purpose is not the problem…

This may sound strange coming from a soul purpose coach, but really I don’t think finding your soul purpose is the problem. I.. Lees meer

13 July, 2017

The one thing you don’t want to know about life

I have been in teaching, training and coaching for the best of 25 years and I know what it is that everyone wants… Lees meer

1 June, 2017

The one thing you need in order to change

I can hardly remember a time when I wasn’t enrolled in some course, training, qualification trajectory or self-study program. All good and well;.. Lees meer

16 March, 2017

Are you holding back for this reason?

I’m resisting things all the time. Going live on Facebook. Writing a blogpost. Connecting to people (both people I know and people I.. Lees meer

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