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Many of my clients suffer in their job, at their workplace.
Because of the pace, because of the lack of humanity and care, because (this is a very common one) others manage their schedules and calendars.

Numbers and targets trump quality and human connection.

I have a high number of therapists, coaches, teachers, social workers &c in my practice, and in all cases it is the number of sessions or classes they manage, rather than the quality of those contacts, the depth of the connection, that they are assessed on.
Frustrating, to say the least.

Even environments that revolve around care, where care is, if you like, the product – there is a dominantly left-brained, masculine approach to management, processes and procedures.

And it’s not just that this approach so obviously and demonstrably leads to burn-out and dropout among professionals.
It does not – at all – facilitate their work or allow them to do their best work.
Every professional knows this. Especially the seniors.

And this is what I want to have you realize.
You are probably WAY more senior than you realize. If you are in your forties or fifties, sixties maybe even – you have SO much experience and wisdom. And not just that: you have a vision too.
You know. You see. You feel.
Your managers – often (much) younger than you – come and go and simply do not have the insight, the visceral experience, the embodied wisdom that you bring to the table.
You know what a situation needs. You know what works and what doesn’t work, and why. Your very presence often stabilizes a situation.

I know in many workplaces this isn’t seen, nor valued.
It’s time that changed. For the world is thirsting for wise women’s leadership.
And that starts with you changing your view of yourself.
You stepping into your leadership.

Doesn’t mean you need to become the manager. Lord, you probably don’t even aspire to that role. You want to do what you’re good at – and you should.
But your influence needs to be way bigger.

Now there may be many reasons why you don’t have the influence you should have. Often rooted in early childhood. We can uproot those, and get you ready to wield your wise feminine power.

The place to start is here: taking yourself seriously. Start to be meticulous with your self-care.

I’m not kidding: it’s every wise woman leader’s secret weapon.

Start with a retreat day – Spring retreat is coming up (27 March).

Or if you want to go deeper: let’s talk. In a (free) strategy call, we’ll get straight to the heart of the matter. THIS is the issue, and THIS is your plan of action.

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