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Were you, like me, brought up to be modest? In that case, I’m sure you still feel modesty is a virtue.
Especially when the world is on fire, innocent citizens leave home and hearth to flee enemy bombs, just after we’ve been held hostage by a pandemic for two years. Who needs to hear about your petty frustrations and unfulfilled desires?

But listen up.

Getting what you want is NOT about hedonism.
It’s not about out-of-control individualism.
It’s not about selfishness or egotism.
It’s not about “Me me me, and f*ck the world.”
Getting what you want is about

knowing yourself
being in touch with your authentic desires
knowing that pleasure is the source of your creative genius
having a clear sense of purpose and direction
being the leader in and of your own life
having clear boundaries
having some non-negotiables
taking proper care of yourself
knowing how to ask
knowing how to receive
being fully nourished so you have plenty to give
being fulfilled; fully filled, so you can be the source of abundance

No one, literally no one is served by your feeling of lack, your burn out, your tiredness, your fed-up-ness.
Least of all you.
You can only flourish AND be your most powerful self when you DO clear up the gunk that makes your motor stall. And choose you.

I am convinced that your authentic choices WILL benefit the world. You see, we all have the desire to matter. To contribute. To be of value. Chances are, if you do not choose your authentic desires, you are NOT contributing fully. Because you are keeping yourself small, have low energy, feel depressed.

I will never stop repeating: self-care is not a luxury, it’s a necessity. Take excellent care of mind, body and soul – your most valuable (if not only) possession – as long as you are in a position to be able to do so. The more you flourish, the better it is for the world.

p.s. Do you feel out of touch with your authentic desires, and that sparkling, authentic version of you? Get in touch for a (free) strategy call. In 60 minutes, I’ll guide you back to your core desires, and the steps to realize them.

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