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26 May, 2019

8 ways of dealing with anxiety without medication

There is nothing wrong with you If you suffer from anxiety, first I want you to know that you are not the only.. Lees meer

3 March, 2017

Don’t worry. Nothing has gone wrong.

I have a suggestion. Let’s delete the world ‘fail’ from our dictionary for a while. It is unnecessarily unkind AND it is usually.. Lees meer

13 January, 2017

Did you feel 2016 ‘wasn’t your year’?

The energy of 2017 is feeling so different for me than the same time last year. I’m not sure though, if it’s ‘2017’.. Lees meer

28 December, 2016

New Year’s resolutions don’t work

It’s that time of the year again. Are you feeling it? I certainly am. Not just my yearly desire to go into hibernation… Lees meer

30 July, 2016

Why you should stop self-improving

Since you are interested in the subjects I write about and teach, chances are you read self-help books, have maybe done the odd.. Lees meer

1 July, 2016

Are you misunderstanding self-confidence?

Don’t you just hate doubting yourself? Having trouble making even the simplest choices, because second-guessing yourself is such a force of habit. Not.. Lees meer

24 June, 2016

Feel vulnerable? Good.

At a party the other day I was sitting next to a woman I didn’t know very well. She was very chatty, which.. Lees meer

16 June, 2016

How not to deal with overwhelm

Do you know those days when your to do list is too long for the hours you have? When everything on that list.. Lees meer

11 June, 2016

Is your life happening to you?

I remember very clearly that when I was a teenager, I was simply waiting for life to start. I had this vague idea.. Lees meer

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