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Often, when I try to find out with a new client what she wants, what she really wants, the answer is: a quiet mind.
Now I wrote a book about this (Meer rust in je hoofd; still available with me for € 10.00 ex shipping, email me), so if you want that too you can just start reading – if you read Dutch, that is.

But that is rarely their real desire. Because why is their mind not quiet now? Why can’t they just switch their heads off? There are many reasons. But in general, a busy mind indicates that you don’t feel comfortable, at ease, assured, or safe in one or more areas in your life.

Maybe your inner slave driver is telling you you’re never good enough.
Or maybe your inner imposter is telling you that you’re just winging it and you’re going to be found out sooner or later.
It may be that your head is always trying to get and keep your ‘to do’s’ in order, driven by perfectionism or an enormous will to please (those go together very well, too).
Or are you constantly thinking about other people – your family, your relatives, friends –are they okay, shouldn’t I be doing more for them, did they have a good time last weekend, what did she mean by that comment…

No wonder you long for peace of mind.

Because what are the contents of that constant stream of thoughts? It’s about what is not going well or not well enough. About what could go wrong. About what people think of you. About where you may not be in control, or in danger of loss.

Is there even the smallest bit of space for your wishes, your desires, your curiosity, your dreams?
A quiet mind is a prerequisite for getting there.

Most likely, beneath that desire for peace of mind lies the desire to actually live. In harmony with what really drives you, based on zest for life, and purpose.

“Quiet the mind and the soul will speak,” Buddha is alleged to have said. Now I think we should be very careful with ascribing words to buddhas and other sages who may or may not have lived centuries ago.
Nevertheless, this is very true.

Your true nature, uninhibited by all kinds of fears and conditioning, is difficult to reach if that thought machine is always working.

So yes, I understand that you want peace of mind. I would definitely work on it too.
Start simple, by regularly pausing yourself for a moment, becoming still, letting your breath become calm and then turning your attention ‘inwards’. To feel your body, to feel your heart beating – and anything else that catches your attention. You may notice that if you focus on your body like that, it becomes a little quieter in your head.

It’s a start. Do this often.
Become more and more familiar with your inner world. And at a certain point you become more and more familiar with what lives and moves there.

I can help you with it too.
I can help you effectively address the voices that are in your way now (they come from somewhere; they won’t just go away) and give centre stage to your true nature.
From February I have spaces opening up.

We meet first, of course. We investigate what’s going on, whether we click, and if I’m the one who can help you. To find peace of mind, and everything that wants to evolve from there.
Book a call here (free).

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