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The other day, someone asked me if I had predictive gifts. She was so eager to find new love, and really needed someone to tell her it would happen soon.

I don’t have predictive gifts.

That is, I often know things. Out of the blue. But I know better than to go around blurting this out as truth.
In consultations I often have intuitive hits, but I keep them to myself. Until I feel they could be useful or helpful, but even so I’ll always add something like ‘This is what comes to mind for me – does that make sense to you?’

Because ultimately, I can only know what is true for me. And that is difficult enough as it is.

I had to find out through trial and error.

I, too, believed that the truth, the answers, were outside of me. I thought that coaches, mediums, astrologers, oracles etc. knew much more about me than I did.

And although coaches, mediums, astrologers and oracles have tools to make things visible for and about you, they really don’t know more about you than you yourself could know.

It’s probably not a great idea to have the belief that others know more than you do.
Especially not where your life is concerned.
As it happens, you have a perfect compass.
And when you use your compass, you can’t go wrong. Then you are, as they say these days, aligned.
Aligned to the plans, the desires, the power of your soul (or that’s what I call it, any other name is fine by me).

How do you know if you’re aligned? When you feel powerful and loving and energetic. When you’re feeling gusto, when you sparkle, shine and twinkle. When you feel things are just right.

So if you want to know your destiny, learn how to listen inward. Your soul (higher self, big mind, intuition, Buddha nature &c.) talks to you via your body, feelings, images, music, poetry and so on.

Your open heart and the emotions flowing from it, translate this for you so that you know whether you are aligned, on track.

The system doesn’t fail.

But there can be a lot of noise on the channel, a.k.a ego. Ego is the big mouth with a different agenda (mainly safety).

Learning to feel and hear the difference is a life skill.

And you can learn how to trust your inner compass (newsflash: your soul does not care much abut safety, so things can get a little uncomfortable).

But delegating this to – for example – a fortuneteller would be such a shame.
You are a wise, autonomous, free human being. Nobody knows better what is meant to be than you.

p.s. I’m hosting a mini retreat for a small group of wise women 19 – 21 July. It will be a space where you can learn to hear, feel, understand and trust your wisdom. Whatever question you have right now, you will find answers. Your answers. Find the details here (in Dutch, as it is a Dutch spoken retreat).

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