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What you should know, is that whatever I write for you, whatever I tell you, whatever I want to give to you, is what I need to hear, understand and receive myself. So this is about me just as much as about you.
Maybe you think that other people have got their lives all sorted out, have got it all together. Except you, you’re the doubting one, the wobbly one, the one that is still learning, stil trying to find your place in life, your true calling, your rightful place, your solid ground.

Not so sweetheart.

A buddhist teacher I admire, Pema Chödron (read her books, so full of wisdom and comfort), writes somewhere that one of her teachers once told her that she would never have it all together. That she should just stop waiting for that moment. And she was shocked. Because of course, like all of us, she’d been telling herself that one day, she would. And then it would all be o.k.
I always remind myself of that little story. My example-wise-woman was told she’d never have it together. Ergo: she doesn’t have it together. Nor do I, nor will I ever.

That is not bad news, it’s good news. It’s a relief.
We are never going to get it together. It will always be slightly messy, slightly unpolished, unfinished, imperfect, untidy.
What’s more, you will probably never feel quite ready. And the good thing is, of course, that you can simply stop waiting.

You can step out and step up now. Show your true colours now. For now is the only moment, and you are as ready as you’ll ever be.
Everything you need is right here.

Of course you feel vulnerable. What if people will eat you alive when you speak up, when you show yourself, when you step up, when you claim your space?

But honey, what if you’re a lion? What if that power inside you is bigger than you can imagine? What if it doesn’t matter what people think or say? Because whatever they think or say is about them, not you? What if it’s much more important that there are people who need you, and to realize that you are not doing them a favour by hiding in your safe spot?

Tell you what. You are a lion. You have unimaginable power. And when you roar, the world listens. It listens to your ancient wisdom and natural authority.

What is keeping you from stepping into it, is fear. Fear comes from the ego mind, the small mind. It feeds you stories that you buy into. It’s o.k., we all do it. But you can just as easily step out of them. I know some of those stories can be tenacious. They are surrounded with emotions, memories and beliefs that make it feel so real. But we can deal with that.

Sometimes a mindful breath is all it takes.
Sometimes a talk. Or a few.

If you want to step into your lion’s power but feel blocked, just give me a call. Let’s see if I can help you with your next step. No strings attached. x

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Lions live in prides

Don’t you just love that! If there’s one quality I associate with the lion, it’s pride. A quality so many of us are simply afraid to feel and tap into. Perhaps you were even discouraged by your parents or educators, to feel proud.
A group of lions living together is called a pride – isn’t that beautiful.
So embrace that pride today, stand tall and speak up. You don’t have to do it all on your own. If you’re looking for a place to grow spiritually and professionally, you might like to check our my facebook group, Awakening Wise Women.

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