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woman pierThe question I get asked the most almost every year around this time is: how can I hold on to that relaxed holiday feeling once I get back to work/school/my daily routine?

The short answer is: you don’t. Holidays are special. You create optimal circumstances: find a place you love – with lots of sun, or beautiful mountains, or plenty of activities you like etc.
You empty your agenda, temporarily cut the ties with your obligations. Few stimuli to get the brain in overdrive. And when the brain starts to understand that it needn’t be on high alert all the time for a few weeks, you start to unwind…

Back home, you’ll find mail, invoices, meetings, demands and obligations waiting to flood in and they’ll soon have your mind back in ‘I need to get this done I need to control this’-mode. Right?
So part of the answer is: accepting that holidays are holidays and work is work, and not fight the reality of things.

BUT! The good news is:

You don’t need a holiday to find inner peace.

You are NOT dependent on the perfect circumstances to be able to relax and give your mind a break. O.k., relaxing circumstances HELP… But it would be a mistake to think our peace of mind depends on the circumstances.

As soon as something goes wrong (someone breaks a leg, the hotel gets flooded or is fully booked on arrival, or worse) the holiday gets just as stressful as daily life.

Which only goes to show that stress happens everywhere, as soon as we register ‘wrong’ and ‘danger’. It’s a sign for our system to go in fight/flight mode.

It is our reaction to events, not the event itself, that causes stress. And that reaction comes from the way our mind is wired. And THAT is something we can work on.

This is exactly what I’ll be teaching you in my upcoming challenge ‘Quiet the monkey mind – inner peace made easy’.
And as I’m creating it, I find it is turning out as a minicourse that teaches you step by step – well, exactly what the title says. How to quiet the mind in overdrive, how to get easier access to inner peace, AND make space to hear the voice of your intuition and inner wisdom.

Five days, five simple & effective tools. And it’s free. We’re starting August 29.
Are you in?
Make sure you don’t depend on a holiday for inner peace! Have that relaxed state accessible when and where you want. You’ll be MUCH more resilient in dealing with your day to day.

Sign up here.

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