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You don’t have to wait until another, or the other, approves of what you want, yearn for, want to experience, achieve, want to change, or let go of.

Your heart and soul know. Because that is where that persistent, ever recurring feeling comes from. It won’t leave you alone. No matter how you try to push it down. No matter how loud your (fearful) ego shouts that it’s impossible, it’s not right, it’s not the time, you are alright where you are and your life is perfectly tolerable.

And it’s o.k. to do that. You can push it down, shut it down. It is your life, after all.

But you know you pay a price. The unfulfilled desire, like a withering lotus lying at the bottom of your heart. The regret. The resentment. The anger, that you’re not allowing yourself to express so it dresses up as reproach, whining, excuses, criticism, withdrawal, lashing out – or physical complaints. It needs to find a way out, and find a way out it will, you can count on that.

I understand your fear. God yes I do. The ego screams in pure mortal fear. What if you do it (whatever ‘it’ is). What if no one understands, what if everyone who loves you judges you, rejects you, turns their back on you, leaves you. What if you end up all alone, with no support, no care, no love.
You won’t survive.
Or so your ego believes.

But you are no longer that helpless infant. You can stand on our own feet. You can take care of yourself. You have talents, flexibility, intuition.. and a big loving heart, and good intentions.

Do you honestly believe that beautiful heart would no longer be attractive to anyone? That your loving heart would stop shining, attracting, enclosing?
Believe me darling, it won’t.

What’s more: hundreds, thousands of fearful little hearts that have also been endlessly waiting to fulfil their soul’s desires, will jump for joy when they see you just do it. When they see that you can, that you’re allowed, and that you do not fall to pieces.
You will be such a source of inspiration – and approval! for the countless fearful hearts who are standing there shivering at the top of the diving board.

So my darling, jump. You’ll find your wings.

p.s. and if you would really really like approval: here it is.

p.p.s. stifled soul’s desires are at the root of many symptoms, and often fear is causing the blockage. It can be helpful to do some healing and soul diving before you can actually jump.
If you’d like some guidance, I’m here to help.
I work 1-on-1 and in small groups (3- and 6-day retreats at home and abroad). Check out my website or hop on a call to discuss your needs with me.

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