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I’ve been a bit quiet lately. Not that I didn’t have anything to do or say.
Probably too much even.
When not long after my wise women retreat the #metoo deluge covered the planet, something stirred inside me, with great force. I had just been working on personal leadership with a group of women.
Feminine leadership.
Not based on ego, power, targets and competition, but on soul power, inspiration, compassion and wisdom.

And now this.

Terrible and awesome at the same time.

Because, no matter how bad some of the stories and how gruesomely widespread this poison now turns out to be: as far as I’m concerned this avalanche of power and sexual abuse stories means a point of no return for the demise of patriarchy. Meaning: the dominance and privilege of the white male, on the surface, but if you look deeper (or wider, or more spiritually) the toxic male principle. The unchecked ego that isn’t balanced by soul power. Or, if that makes more sense to you: too much yang and far too little yin.
To be clear, this isn’t necessarily about being a male. Of course there are women, too, who are too ego-driven and who are equally harmful when given power or too much influence.

So why does this touch me so? Although, like most women, I’ve been at the receiving end of unwanted touching, inappropriate remarks and simply dominant and respectless behaviour, I have never been physically abused.
But this avalanche of revelations and disclosures has made it blatantly clear to me that what I am trying to bring into this world: awareness, compassion and wisdom (yin principles) is not without obligation or consequence. What I felt very profoundly is: this is not a nice to have, but a must have.

It is no longer about women doing what they like and love, allowing themselves some me time and enrolling for yoga classes. By all means, take care of yourselves, that is super important. But this is predominantly about women finally raising their voices, bring to the world what they are meant to do and find the courage to do it the yin way: with awareness, compassion and (soul)wisdom (my holy trinity ;-).
I started my Facebook group Awakening Wise Women about a year ago, without knowing exactly where I wanted to go with it.
This is often the case in my life: I follow my inspiration, trusting that all will unfold in time. Well, this is what ‘s happening now. I have an acute awareness that awakening wisdom is pure necessity. And that I need to take on my role. As I hope and trust that many women (and men) will. And I want to help them do so.

This scares me, to be honest.

Because it requires a lot. Especially courage, trust, and being able to get comfortable with the unknown, with not knowing, with uncertainty. Being vulnerable yet open. Not from a place of power, but a place of wisdom. While this is exactly from where I live and work, I know I need to speak up more than I do, and convey this message and practice more. Every day.

I was going to write something completely different today, but this came out. If you resonate with what I’m saying, if you feel that it is time for your feminine (or yin-powered) leadership to blossom and get stronger, please join the Awakening Wise Women.
Or if you don’t feel like it (yet), let’s at least connect on social media (Facebook, Karin’s Cottage and Twitter) so we can be in touch and inspire and support one another.

I don’t know everything, I can’t do everything. But my superpower is being a rock solid guide in your inner world. That’s where it’s at, that’s where you find that courage, that wisdom, that trust. Your body and soul have important messages for you, that go much deeper than your mind can ever come up with.

I already took many women on that inner journey, to come out with the most beautiful, moving and empowering messages. Information that helped them on their soul path.
I can guide you there too. So that you can learn to know your way in your inner world, learn to understand and trust the language of your soul and let your inner wisdom be your compass – rather than that bombardment of ego-driven information form the world outside.
For all kinds of reasons (redecorating Karin’s Cottage being one of them – it’s turning into a real paradise and I have more news to share about it soon) I don’t have space to take on many more clients at the moment.

But I have room for three wise women.

If you feel that one of these spaces might be for you, let’s talk.
You can schedule a 30-minute call here.
Don’t wait too long, I really only have 3 spaces!

Please note this is not a free consult, but an exploratory conversation where we find out if we want to work together.

Love & wisdom

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