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No? I know why not

My clients come to me because they want change. They often don’t know what needs to change, but they do know something does.
How do they know?
Usually they are tired. Just very tired.
Sometimes life just feels like survival.
And that is indeed exhausting.

We can do something about that, for sure. That is, I can show them what they can do about it. But I can’t do it for them.
Change requires action, and one of those actions, the most important, is getting you on your own agenda.

If that doesn’t happen, your life will remain like treading water.
You work through your lists to get everything done, to please everyone, to keep up with the Jones’ and to earn your keep.
And then you fall into bed exhausted.
Of course we can talk some more – but it won’t bring change.

And by “on your agenda” I don’t mean that you have coffee with someone every now and then. Or go to the hairdresser.
I mean every day, dedicating time to checking in with yourself.

And this is exactly why it doesn’t happen.
Because checking in is not without obligation and not always fun per se.
It means really feeling what wants to be felt.
Intuition and inner wisdom – nice buzzwords but do you know what that really means?
Giving up your avoidance strategies and let your body speak in all bloody honesty.

That is why you are not on your own agenda: it often becomes very uncomfortable.
No pain no gain.
And your inner warning (and survival) system will do everything it can to avoid this, this inconvenience, the cracks in the bastion that may well signal the point of no return.
But you know, that’s when the real work begins. Now something can really happen. So that’s what change is really about.
Not a lick of paint here or there. But back to the basics; start at the foundation.
Bring it on, it’s what I’m here for!

If you are ready: request a strategy call (still free in 2021!).
You will come out a few pounds lighter, I promise!

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