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This may sound strange coming from a soul purpose coach, but really I don’t think finding your soul purpose is the problem.

I do get clients who worry about that, but more often than not I see that they are already pretty much ‘on purpose’ (although they may not always be aware of it).

Knowing what lights up your heart and soul, being in touch with your gifts, talents and heart’s desires is one thing.
And it’s true, it can be a little challenging understanding the language and voice of the soul. (as you know, I can help you with that, just shoot me a message and we’ll arrange a chat).

But the real biggie is not hearing your soul.

It’s actually listening to it. Acting on its guidance, consistently.

Because the soul is not about keeping it safe, familiar and comfortable. It is not interested in all those things the ego is big on: security, survival, being liked and accepted by EVERYONE and all that.
The soul is quite unconcerned with convention, culture, should and should not.

Women have it extra hard.


Because most of us have been taught to be good girls. That’s the way to be accepted and loved. Taking care of everyone’s needs before your own, pleasing the whole neigbourhood and its mother. Being obedient and not causing embarrassment or offence.

The soul usually says: sod all that. Let’s fly. Let’s soar. Let’s be free and weird and wonderful.

Now, adventurous and liberating as that may sound, it is actually terrifying. It is terrifying to have secret desires that might not go down very well with your parents, your partner, your kids, your best friend, your colleagues.. and your good girl self. Your well-adjusted self.

If all those people reject you… you’ll be all alone and lonely and forsaken and miserable. Right?

So living a soul-lead life doesn’t just require good listening and interpreting skills. It requires guts, stamina, trust.

So why strive to do it at all?

Well, my dear, you know very well why.

Because you are quietly dying if you don’t. You are bleeding dry. You are a pale, shrivelled version of yourself, with all this potential, all this wonderful weirdness, quirkiness and mischief hidden from the world.

While you could be inspiring millions, making thousands laugh and feel loved and less lonely for being weird too.

Do you feel it’s time to let your soul be your pilot? But does it feel too scary? Do you have no idea where or how to start? Could you use some guidance, hand-holding and support?
Let’s talk! Because that is exactly what I do.
You can book yourself in here. (no strings attached)

P.S. An exploratory call is free of charge, but only available if you’ve not booked one before.

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