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If you’ve been following me for a while, we probably agree on the belief that we are souls having a human experience. (If the whole idea of ‘soul’ means absolutely nothing to you, I can’t believe you’re still around!).
Still, you may agree with this idea, yet find it quite hard to grasp the essence of ‘soul’, and more often than not feel hugely out of touch with that elusive essence of you.
So do I.

And no wonder. We were all born into a spiritual dry spell. In a society that for years has been identifying fully with ego. The place where we should have learnt to listen to the soul, to nourish our spirit and to reconnect with Divine source – the church, did in fact anything but that. Our religions are as ego-driven as any other institution – banks, companies, governments, our educational system.

Spirituality, you see, has nothing to do with hierarchy, with taking rules, teachings and commandments from external authorities. Everything in our religions breathes patriarchy. Whereas spirituality is all about connecting to inner wisdom. It is a journey inside. Quite contrary to how we are taught in school and in church, it is about finding our own inner truth, rather than taking anything on outside authority.

The balance between ego and soul has been completely lost in our world; not recently, but centuries ago. And so we’ve fallen asleep and completely forgotten – forgotten where we came from, forgotten who we really are, at soul level. More and more of us are waking up though, finding our way back on a spiritual path, healing childhood wounds that were keeping us stuck in ego-patterns, doing the inner work and learning to distinguish between the voice of ego and the voice of soul.

And this, my dear wise one, is the main, the first and foremost reason why people need you. They need you – not as their master, their authority, their replacement wisdom. They need you to reconnect them to their own wisdom. They need you to learn how to look and listen inward. To shine their light inside, to see what’s blocking them there, to heal that stuff, and to make room for the stirrings of their soul. How you do this, can take many different forms on many different levels on people’s journey ‘home’.

Meanwhile, we must never forget that we are on the same journey, at a different stage. Our egos are as deceptively present and deviously challenging as anyone’s! We have to be aware that, if we want our souls to guide us, we have to find ways to listen to its subtle language.

Recently, I have created the Wise Woman session, that helps you do exactly that. It is a 90-minute session where we do a guided visualisation together, and you get to talk to your wisest self. Through in-depth counselling afterwards, we dive deeper into the meaning of the experience so that you get as much as possible out of it.

This is what one of my clients says about it:

“What a wonderful session. I gained such valuable insights. Karin guides the visualisation most pleasantly – with lots of space for letting be what is. No musts or shoulds – anything goes. The extra value, for me, was in the counseling after the meditation. Karin reflects back what she sees, hears and feels, and that gave me some profound insights. How wonderful to come to the conclusion that I am a wise woman! Thank you Karin, for this beautiful insight.”

You can now get a Wise Woman Session at a huge discount!

The normal price of a 90-minute Wise Woman Session is €147, but if you book this month (February) you only pay €97 (you can plan the session after February if you want). BUT: for the women in my facebook group Awakening Wise Women there is an EXTRA discount; they pay ONLY €47!!
Find info and book here, or join the group and take advantage of the extra discount. 
Love to take you on the inner journey!

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