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Do you believe your are here with a mission? Are you convinced that your soul has a plan? Do you feel that you are living your purpose, or perhaps that you’re not quite living it, and that that needs to change?

I know many people are on a quest for their soul purpose. In fact, I was one of those people. I was an unhappy English teacher in desperate need of finding my higher calling and living happily ever after.

I got it all wrong. I was already living my soul’s purpose. I wasn’t feeling happy, but that had nothing to do with it.

Remember Vincent? Do you think he was living his soul purpose? Do you think he even had a flipping choice?
Probably not. He was gifted or cursed with this amazing talent, and all he could do was be a servant to this talent, this divine inspiration. But it drove him crazy. 

For quite some time, during and after my unhappy teaching years, I thought going into teaching had been a completely misguided choice. I thought I didn’t know how to listen to my soul, and should probably do a course or find some way to crack the code.

And I know, having been on this quest, that there are books out there that promise to help you do just that, and make it really really complicated. 

But I’ve got news for you. There is no code. There is not secret plan. Your soul’s purpose is blatantly obvious, all the time, if you can simply listen to your body and the voice of your heart, and follow your intuition. That is all there is to it. 

A soul purpose isn’t a job, or a business. It’s you being fully awake, fully present, allowing each moment to unfold perfectly and responding naturally in each moment. Allowing your deepest, instantaneous wisdom to unfold in each moment, always telling you exactly what to do, or not to do.

Still, you can feel unhappy. I know all about that. But do you know why that is? Because humans have a great talent for being unhappy. Because we have a hard time just being. Being fully aware, fully awake, fully present, non-judging and non-resistant, one with life.

If we were able to do that, we would probably not even have that question; what is my soul purpose, and am I living it? Because our ego-mind wouldn’t be running the show and getting us off track all the time.

It is perfectly possible to live your soul purpose AND feel lousy. Ironically, after having believed I wasn’t meant to be a teacher, I now know that I AM a teacher – I just needed some time to grow up, gain some life experience, find my subject and my audience. But now that that is clear to me, do you think my life is pure bliss all the time? Of course not. I struggle, stumble, curse and doubt like all of you do. Because my ego-mind interferes. Of course it does. 

Life is messy. Humans are messy. No big deal, if we can let it be. 

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