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The other day, I overheard a conversation about destiny and death. One of the debaters said he believed everything happened by coincidence. Someone else was absolutely sure there is no such thing as coincidence. She said she knew for sure that everything was predestined, including the exact hour and minute of our death.

These are interesting conversations – especially for the observer. I felt amused at the vehemence with which some of the speakers defended their views.
And of course they did!
This is their truth. This is what they believe in.
And the beauty of it is: your truth is always true. You are absolutely free to believe whatever you want to believe – and with the act of believing it, you can make it so.

Apart of course from some truths that seem rather undisputable (the sun comes up every morning – well, until it doesn’t I suppose) – especially in spiritual and metaphysical terms, we are free to believe whatever we want. If you feel that you are being helped and guided by a team of spirit guides, then so it is. If you are convinced that your whole life is determined by the workings of the law of attraction – then that is what you’ll experience. If you know that this life has absolutely no purpose and makes no sense – then it hasn’t and it doesn’t.

Still, many people feel that life in general and their life specifically should have a purpose. It seems too depressing to just get through it; to just get up in the morning, go to work, come back, go to sleep – ad nauseam until death.
But not just that; many feel that there is something calling them. There is ‘something’ – quite elusive often; maybe the possibility of more peace, more happiness, more freedom, a better understanding of things, an expanded view of themselves and the world.

This is often when you become the seeker. This feeling that there must be ‘something’ often starts you off on your spiritual journey, or at least the path of self-growth, self-discovery (for those who shun the word ‘spiritual’ ;-).
On my own path of awakening, I have read so many books, talked to so many teachers, been on so many retreats and courses and workshops and what not. For a long time, I considered myself an eternal seeker.

I once heard a song by the (deceased) Dutch singer Bram Vermeulen, Toegift (Encore), which goes: “Stenen en wolken, water en wind, wie zoeken wil zal altijd zoeken, wie vinden wil die vindt” (Stones and clouds, water and wind, those who want to seek will always seek, those who want to find, will find). I felt I was in the category of those who wanted to seek. And would that mean I’d never find?
One of the things I found on my journey, was zen. And through zen teaching I’ve come to realise that the finding and the searching are constantly alternating. Maybe they are even the same thing.

I believe there is no hidden meaning that we are supposed to find through desperate seeking – although the seeking is an inherent part of the journey; we need an ignition to get us going on our way.
But it is in living, in being present in each moment, that we discover what our life means – and we express meaning by living it fully. We are each a unique expression of life, and our sole and soul purpose is to express that wholeheartedly, unabandonedly, unreservedly, courageously.

That sounds simple, but it isn’t always. Being open to the true expression of our Self, having the courage to sing our own tune, to trust ourselves and life enough to live wholeheartedly, by our own rules, values and beliefs… That is a journey in itself. And by embarking on that journey, we find meaning along the way.

Lately, I’ve reread Viktor Frankl’s book Man’s search for meaning. On the very last page, there’s this quote: “The meaning of your life is to help others find theirs”.
Let that sink in. Is that true for you? How does that play out in your life?
Let me know, I’d love to hear!

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