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I’m probably not telling you anything you did’t know when I say that wisdom is an important theme for me. I predicted that this would be so around my 27th, when I said to one of my teachers that I wanted to become a wise woman when I grew up.

This teacher told me I was already 90% there, but that was certainly not how I felt.
I felt insecure, pretty dependent on the judgments of others, ignorant, a seeker. I imagined that once I was wise, I would be full of self-confidence and, especially, full of answers.

And so how would I gain that wisdom? Well, I gathered, as I always did: by reading a lot of books and following courses. And think a lot.
So that’s what I did.

It may not surprise you that I also suffered severe migraines in those days. My head was almost bursting with tension – tension to do everything right, not to fail, not to say or do anything stupid, not to offend anyone, not to be rejected, not to be exposed as a fraud…

I will never claim that all my reading and training did not lead to wisdom. But I did find out, through trial and error, that I had neglected a very important part of me, without being aware of it. And that without that part my wisdom could never be complete.

I also found out that ignorance and being a seeker are certainly not the opposite of wisdom!
Actually, when I started meditating and practicing mindfulness and yoga, I realized what I had overlooked all these years – because my mind was always doing the job.
What I did not know, and maybe you don’t either, is that 95 – 99% of our behaviour is controlled by our subconscious. And that our subconscious communicates with us through the body.

If you, as I did at that time, try to live completely through your five-sensory perception (focused on the outside world, rather than your inner world) and your ratio, you will very often end up in trouble.

Because you:

    * are missing important messages from your body (I had no idea why I had migraines so often, and tried to fight them with heavy medication – completely pointless)
    * are letting all your unconscious programming run the show – programming that was conditioned in the first 7 years of your life and aimed at surviving in the circumstances then. Very often these programs are no longer functional, on the contrary (pleasing, hiding in your shell, or rebelling, repeating dysfunctional relationship patterns, in short: your well-known pitfalls)
    * don’t know how to consciously connect to your higher consciousness – which I call the messages from the soul. This makes it difficult to confidently and energetically manifest what really drives you deeply

Once I started to understand this, my life began to change drastically.

    * My migraines disappeared because I could heal the underlying patterns.
    * I no longer tried to get love and trust from sources outside of me, but I understood that I had the key to tap into my own source of love and trust.
    * I also discovered that the world is much more than matter, that everything is energy and then … a whole new world opened up for me.

As a result, I also learned that the greatest wisdom lies in not knowing. Because energetic communication (experience) is always only now. Everything you think you know can only get in the way. Thinking is a fun and useful tool, but often only limits our possibilities.
Ideas, on the other hand, insights, direct knowing – these are incredibly exciting inroads to deeper wisdom.

Everything I learned – and am still learning – about wisdom, I now share with the wise women I work with.

And as you probably know, I am now working in my fairytale house in the woods near Doorn. Miracles have already happened there. It is a magical place.

I work 1-on-1 (a session, or a whole day), and I’m excited to announce that this summer I’ll be hosting my first mini-retreat!
Three days of female wisdom. Three days of personal and spiritual development that feels like a vacation.
And after those three days, nothing will be the same.
My fairytale house is tiny, we work with a small group, and there are already two places taken. But there are still two open!

So if this sounds like just what you need, find more information here (the page is in Dutch since the retreat will be Dutch spoken this time)

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